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Manage your business finances efficiently from anywhere, with a finance solution that puts you in control.


It's essential that businesses understand their financial situation at any point in time, to make strategic decisions based on real-time data.

Managing business finances is a constant task with data changing continuously. With an intuitive accounting solution, this task can be made easier. With detailed reports, automated bank feeds, and managed budgeting, your business can focus on hitting those all important growth targets.

What are the benefits of a Finance solution

Improved cash-flow

Control cash-flow by setting and managing budgets. With intuitive electronic invoices, customers can pay your business at the click of a button.

Efficient decision making

With accurate real-time data and in-depth reports, decisions can be made quickly based on the latest financial information.

Fast-track financials

Fast-track financials with automated bank feeds. Securely download bank transactions so your finance team can spend more time on other crucial tasks.

Get a 360 view of your finances

Know your business' financial situation at any given time. Access the information you need to make informed decisions, so your business can meet its strategic objectives.

Finance software key features

Create deeper insights

All the information you need in one integrated system, you can understand more about your business’ financials.

Improve decision-making

Accurate real-time data enables informed decision making so business objectives can be met more efficiently.

Save time and resources

Automated and efficient finance processes allow more time to be spent on other crucial business tasks.

Set and manage budgets

Quickly and easily set budgets to manage spending, and amend these budgets at any time.

Fast-track financials

Automate bank feeds, reducing the time it takes to reconcile bank transactions.

Manage cash-flow

Clickable payment buttons on electronic invoices make it easier for customers to pay your business

Services we provide

Industry Solutions

Micross Logic can help businesses in a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail. With an impressive suite of add-on solutions to help the software go even further, Sour ERP solutions can be customised to suit your business’s individual needs.

Whether you’re looking for a system that simplifies processes, saves you time, scales with your growing business, or has the functionality to streamline complex procedures, we have a solution that can help you achieve your goals.