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Helping businesses get the most out of their business solutions with support from the experts.


At Micross Logic, we provide customised accounting and POS solutions, because one size doesn't always fit all. As well as having core functionalities in your chosen system, additional modules can be added to help the solution work better for your business.

Tailored business solutions will help your business meet its goals more effectively, as it streamlines your processes in a way that suits your business most. Whether you're looking to improve cash-flow, increase productivity, or gain greater control over operations, we can customise your system to fit your needs.

How our support services can help

Easy to access

Quick and easy access to our friendly and knowledgeable support team by phone or email.

Remote access

When needed, we will log onto your system to help troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Updates and upgrades

We will keep you updated on product enhancements, development, and new releases.

Professional advice

We deliver professional advice, workarounds, and quick resolutions to technical issues.

Hints & tips

We have a library of regular blogs and video tutorials offering practical advice and hints & tips.

Account management

A dedicated account manager will be available to offer quick solutions and guidance.

Support costs

The pricing we use for support services are based on the number of users and extra functionality you require for your chosen solution. Support contracts run for 12 months and are completely uncapped, so you and your team can call as many times as you need. If a site visit is necessary to resolve an issue, this will come at no extra cost to you. However, to make sure you're getting the most out of your solution, we always recommend you're running on the latest version.

We keep our costs competitive, and believe we add extra value to your business through our extensive knowledge, exceptional support, and friendly and supportive customer service.