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Cloud accounting, and so much more

Use the latest technology to drive growth. Plus, you can connect to an ecosystem of world-class partner, and more. That’s the power of Sage Business Cloud Financials.




Keep your business compliant and productive with powerful automation and a flexible general ledger. Maintain the integrity of your cashbook, while reducing human error and saving time.


Robust analytics and
accurate reporting

Gain deep insights and easily evaluate company, project and customer profitability. Uncover intelligence that allows you to ask meaningful questions and answer them through powerful, real-time reports and dashboards.


A scalable platform that
grows with you

Benefit from the productivity improvements and cost-savings of an accounting software built completely in the cloud, with the power and intelligence typically afforded by only large businesses.

Manage your entire business and not just accounting

Expand in markets or geographies with multi-location, multi-currency, multi-company and multi-language capabilities. Sage Business Cloud Financials accelerates the quote-to-cash-process with a solution that connects to Salesforce Sales Cloud and enables you to accept online payments on your invoices.


Putting Professional Services businesses in control of growth and cash

Sage Business Cloud Financials drives efficiency in your payment operations and reduces the cost of collecting and reconciling payments. All the while, offering rapid insight, real-time management information and unrivalled control of revenue and costs powered by flexible multi-dimensional reporting and visual analytics.

Giving businesses total control of their financial activity

With Live reporting on real-time results businesses can enable informed decisions and communication to internal and external stakeholders. 100% of functionality powered on mobile devices giving real-time, anywhere access.

Extend Sage Business Cloud with Salesforce

Link sales, accounting, banking, invoicing, and payments with the world-leading Salesforce CRM. Plus, customise Sage business Cloud even further by connecting to over 3,000 apps on Salesforce AppExchange.

A business management solution that grows with your business.

Meet your aspirations with Sage Business Cloud Financials and Micross Logic. The unique business management partnership that powerfully combines intelligence, scalability, support and ease of use.


Run your entire business

Connect your sales, banking, invoicing, payments and much more. Financials also integrates with over 3000 proven business apps on the Salesforce App Exchange, giving you greater control, customisation, and visibility.

Gain Insight across your business

With real-time dashboards, forecasting, automatic reports, and multi-dimensional capabilities, you can look at your business in new and insightful ways across team projects, business units, geographies, products, clients, and more.

Grow with minimal complexity

Ignite productivity by automating time-consuming admin and connecting your teams to the information they need in real time – no more costly delays correcting human error, waiting for information, or manually entering data.

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