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Sage 50cloud Training

Sage 50cloud Training

Empower your teams to get the best out of Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud

Understand how to fully utilise Sage 50cloud with training from Sage experts. By helping you and your team learn how to fully benefit from the solution, you can start reaping the rewards of Sage 50cloud straight away.

Our training programmes are designed around you and how you want to use the system. Tailoring our approach to training based on your business needs, you’re in control of the direction you want the training to go.

Whether you simply want one person trained to use Sage 50cloud, or 10 people, we can organise a programme to suit you.

How our Sage 50cloud training can help

Increased efficiency

Maximise productivity by helping your team understand how to unleash the full power of Sage 50cloud.

Improved accuracy

Reduce mistakes with automated tasks, and by breaking down processes into manageable steps.

You’re in control

Understand user best practices to gain full control of Sage 50cloud, helping you make the most of your investment.

Reduced disruptions

Giving you the insights right away, there’s no need to trial and error your way through the system and potentially causing big disruption.

Insights and tips

With many ways to use Sage 50cloud, training helps you gain the hints and tips to better streamline processes.

Fits around your schedule

Our training programmes are customised to suit your business needs.

Sage 50cloud training tailored to you

Our Sage 50cloud training programmes are highly adaptable and designed around your business. If you'd prefer face-to-face training instead of a video call, that's fine by us. We are also flexible with timing structures, so whether you'd like the training to happen over a full day, half days, or you would prefer bite-sized focused sessions on specific areas, we can organise a plan to suit.

At Micross Logic, we work closely with you to analyse your training needs and agree the best way to deliver your training.

Need extra training resources? Our Sage experts can point you in the direction of additional materials that will help you along your Sage journey.

Sage training costs

Only pay for what you need. We'll calculate an estimated number of training days when we quote for a new project. However, you will only be charged for the days used, whether less or more. Ad hoc training days can also be purchased as and when required.

We aim to keep our costs competitive against other Sage business partners, however, we believe we add extra value for you through our extensive knowledge and quality training. Our support staff are all Sage experts, and offer friendly and high-class customer support.

Because our training programmes are customised to suit individual business needs, we will be able to provide pricing details once we speak with you and understand what you are looking for in a training programme.

How easy is it to switch Sage business partners?

If you think that you should be getting more out of your Sage solution and would like to review your support options or just find out what another other Sage Business Partner could offer you, we would be more than happy to help. Whether it be just a price comparison or advice to find out if you are using your Sage solution to its full potential, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Did you know how easy it is to switch
Support Partners?

It is free of charge to switch business partners; the only change is who your Sage annual licence is managed by and who provides your support.

Why switch Sage Business

Micross Logic has been a Sage Business Partner for over 20 years, all of our support team are fully Sage accredited so we can provide you with the best quality Sage support.

What you need to do to

All you need to do to switch is drop an email to Sage to let them know you want to switch to Micross Logic, we will do the rest of the work for you.

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