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Upgrading to Sage 200 Standard

Upgrading to Sage 200 Standard

Benefit from improved functionality and automated processes with Sage 200 Standard.

Upgrading to
Sage 200 Standard

Upgrading to Sage 200 Standard is a natural next step for Sage 50cloud users. With familiar usability, Sage 200 Standard goes above and beyond the functionality of Sage 50cloud to to improve efficiencies through automation.

For businesses looking to grow and wanting a system that will scale with your business, Sage 200 Standard is an ideal solution. From dealing with increased transactions volumes, more complex data-entry processes and offering more advanced data reporting, Sage 200 Standard can help your business move to the next level.

Micross Logic are a Sage Platinum Partner with a wealth of experience in migrating businesses from Sage 50cloud, you can trust in our skills and knowledge.

Is it the right time to upgrade to Sage 200 Standard?

Struggling to work efficiently with your current Sage 50cloud solution, it's probably time to make the upgrade to Sage 200 Standard. With more features such as advanced procurement functionality to in-depth reporting, you will benefit from improved visibility, control, and efficiency of operations.

Volume of Transactional Data/Users

If you're finding the number of transactions you enter into Sage 50cloud is significantly increasing, you're going to hit that 1.5million maximum transactions limit much more quickly. However, with a limit of 9million transactions, Sage 200 Standard is an increasingly scalable solution that can grow as your business grows. The number of users that can be logged on is also increased with Sage 200 Standard, compared with the 20 maximum users of Sage 50cloud, improving usability.

It's all on the Cloud

Sage 200 Standard is a true cloud solution, meaning that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, removing the need for a costly server. With this level of flexibility, your business can better support remote working practices. Additionally, as it's a cloud-based solution, you will be always running on the latest version, making the system much more secure.


Sage 200 Standard has improved stock management capabilities to improve warehouse processes. With serial and batch traceability functionality, inventory can be better tracked and controlled as it moves through your warehouse, improving stock rotation and streamlining processes.

This is all functionality that Sage 50cloud doesn't have integrated, but it can be purchased as an additional module through a third-party provider.

Manage customers and suppliers

Within Sage 200 Standard, invoices can be sent through the system with a 'Pay Now' button linked, allowing customers to pay your business more efficiently, improving cash-flow. Suppliers can also be effectively managed through the system, with the ability to pay suppliers directly through Sage 200 Standard.

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