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Elite POS Training

Elite POS Training

Maximise sales opportunities and improve customer experiences with expert Elite POS training.

Elite POS

Reduce mistakes and disruption to your business by ensuring your team are able to hit the ground running.

At Micross Logic, we work closely with you and your team to customise a training programme that will help you make the best use out of your Elite POS solution. Running through the features and functionalities your business will find most beneficial, we decide together which topics will provide the greatest return.

We can either train your whole team, or key members who can pass on the necessary information to the rest of your employees.

How our Elite POS training can help

Increased efficiency

Give your team the insights they need to utilise your new system efficiently, improving productivity and capacity.

Improved accuracy

Training to use the automated features of your new POS solution, tasks can be carried out more accurately.

You’re in control

Once training has been completed, you’ll be in full control of the system, managing processes with complete visibility.

Reduced disruptions

Gain the ability to fully utilise your Elite POS solution right away, with no need for trial and error.

Insights and Tips

Understand best practices for using your Elite POS till software, with training offering more in-depth hints and tips.

Fits around your schedule

We work with you to create a training programme tailored to your business needs.

Elite POS training tailored to you

Our training programmes are completely adaptable to meet your training needs. Whether you want more in-depth sessions or shorter sessions in more manageable chunks, we work closely with you to decide key topics and a formal structure based on how you want to utilise the system.

We can conduct on-site training as either full or half days, or provide virtual sessions broken up into individual subjects. Our Elite POS experts can also point you in the direction of further resources should you like additional training materials.

For larger teams, we recommend on-site training as it creates a higher degree of engagement, with the opportunity to have more in-depth discussions with one of our experts.

Elite POS training costs

Only pay for the training days you need. When we initially quote for your project, we'll include an estimated number of training days. This can be adapted later down the line to include fewer or more days, depending on your business needs. Ad hoc training days can also be scheduled as and when needed.

At Micross Logic, we like to keep our costs competitive. We believe we provide added value through the quality of our customer service and standard of our knowledge. As an Elite POS business partner, you can trust our experts to deliver up-to-date and informed training services.