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Elite POS Support

Elite POS Support

From technical assistance to extra advice, benefit from our expert support.

Elite POS

We understand how essential it is to have a POS solution that runs as smoothly as possible, which is why we provide uncapped support . Whether a ticket has been logged due to human error or a technical fault, or if you just wish for some extra guidance, our experienced support team are on hand to help.

Our Elite POS experts are fully accredited, with a wealth of experience in delivering friendly and professional support.

How our Elite POS support can help

Easy to access

Easily contact our support team over the phone or via email whenever you need to log a support ticket.

Remote access

Our experts can access your system remotely to quickly and effectively troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Updates and upgrades

We’ll let you know of any relevant updates or upgrades to your system that will further improve efficiency.

Professional advice

Our Elite POS professionals can offer practical advice information to help you make the best use of your system.

Hints & tips

Our Elite POS support team are always on hand to offer hints and tips, and point you in the direction of further resources.

Account management

Benefit from a personalised approach to system resolutions with help from a dedicated account manager.

Understanding your business

Every retailer has their own unique challenges. This is why our support tickets are prioritised in terms of impact to the business in question. As an Elite Business Partner, you can trust in our level of experience to ensure any issues your system has are resolved quickly and effectively.

We will always aim to resolve your issue while you're on the phone. Alternatively, you can log a support ticket via email if you would prefer us to contact you. If any faults within your Elite POS system can't be fixed remotely, we'll visit your business at no extra charge to ensure the problem is resolved.

Elite POS support costs

With support contracts running for 12 months, they're completely uncapped in the number of tickets that can be logged. Support costs are based on the number of users you have for the system, and whether you've chosen any additional functionality.

At Micross Logic, we like to keep our costs competitive. We believe we add extra value to every support package through the extensive experience of our Elite POS experts, in addition to the quality of customer service we provide. Nothing is too much hassle for our support team.