Making Tax Digital – Start Planning Now

From April 2019, new legislation will require VAT-registered business to submit their VAT returns digitally through commercial software.

Making Tax Digital is a new government initiative to help businesses simplify their tax submissions. Making tax digital will provide a modern, digital service to help businesses get their tax right, reduce mistakes and avoid expensive compliance involvement.

The Governments aim for MTD is to make the process of submitting VAT information simpler and easier for individuals and businesses.

What are my options?

April is not far away, and with other business challenges planning in advance for the new change will be key. Sage have worked closely with the government on this new legislation and are one of the forefront partners in this new initiative.

For current Sage customers there are two options:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Sage
  • Purchase an additional module

To find out more download the Sage brochure on Making Tax Digital.

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What’s best for my business?

Wherever possible Micross Logic would recommend an upgrade path to the latest version of Sage, due to the additional features available in the latest version over older versions of the software. However, we appreciate this this will not be possible for all customers due to hardware and/or integration requirements or time requirements for project planning.

Whichever option you decide to choose, Micross Logic are here to help and guide you through this new change.

How will Making Tax Digital benefit my business?

Accurate record keeping

accurate tax

Plan and manage your budget more effectively

clear budget

Administrative savings

save money

Access to a single plan to view tax information

making tax digital

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