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Boost business productivity with Sage add-on solutions

Productivity and efficiency with Sage

Productivity is essential for your business; it is the driving force that gets results and defines your company efficiency. Growing businesses often battle with productivity issues as they are challenged with an increasing volume of tasks, many being admin related, while still wanting to evolve and grow the business. From an employee perspective, productivity is the key to success within the workplace. Productivity encourages employees to strive towards efficient task completion and when you give them the tools to do so, not only can their job satisfaction improve but also it can improve the performance of the entire company. Sage solutions provide advanced technologies for businesses in a range of sectors from finance, customer service and retail to warehousing, helping businesses to overcome the time-consuming manual tasks and challenges through automation. At Micross Logic, we strive to help our customers’ businesses find the right Sage software and Sage add-on solutions for their business.

Automate tasks with Sage add-on solutions

Automation is the key to increasing productivity and it is now being increasingly utilised in many areas of business. If you want to keep up with your competitors and ensure that your business is performing at its best, investing in Sage and their add-on solutions could be the next step. Many businesses and employees waste valuable time on small tasks and processes, automation uses the latest technology to allow you to complete these tasks and processes in a fraction of the time. Manual tasks and administrative processes can be streamlined and automated with the help of Sage. At Micross Logic, we offer a range of Sage add-on solutions to suit a range of business processes and to help improve your businesses productivity.

Document Manager for Sage 200

For every business, there are always elements of basic admin that despite seeming to be small tasks, are an integral part of running your business. Many businesses often find themselves spending an excessive amount of time on such admin tasks, taking them away from bigger projects and in turn, affecting their business and workforce productivity. With automated add-on solutions from Sage, time-consuming admin can be a problem of the past. Document Manager for Sage 200 makes your business’ document management simple. Most businesses find themselves processing countless documents each month, this can become overwhelming without efficient software in place. Spindle document manager allows you to capture incoming and outbound documents through automation. You can safely distribute outgoing documents individually, or in batches via email, ideal for HR purposes. The document manager comes with an online portal, allowing staff and customers to access documents in one centralised location. These documents can also be viewed and captured through mobile devices, perfect for staff members working on the go.

Sage Excel integration for Sage 200

As a business, you may feel apprehensive about implementing new automated processes within your business, with fears that you and your workforce will have to spend time on training and understanding a new process that could be out of their comfort zone. Codis Excelerator is a powerful Sage add-on solution that integrates between Sage and Excel, meaning you can benefit from the flexibility and familiarity of Excel, with all the added benefits of validation and control of Sage. With Codis Excelerator you can analyse your Sage data and produce intuitive reports in the familiar and flexible interface of Excel. Codis Excelerator highlights any potential errors in your data before it is uploaded to Sage, minimising the risk of human error and streamlining your data process to maximise productivity. If you want accuracy and time-saving features when it comes to automated admin software, Codis Excelerator is the ideal Sage add-on solution for your business. With real-time responsiveness and error notifications, you can make sure your data is always accurate.

Credit Hound for Sage 200

Credit Hound for Sage 200 is an advanced management system designed to help your business’ credit management. With Credit Hound for Sage 200, you can collect business payments faster than ever, improving your business productivity and cashflow. Using automation, this Sage add-on can save you time by automating daily repetitive admin tasks, creates daily to-do lists telling your credit controllers who to call, and why as well as producing comprehensive reports on all aspects of your credit control, notifying you how much money you are owed and by whom. Credit Hound can help your business to control your cash flow and reduce the number of overdue balances. If you want to improve your business’ productivity and save money while doing so, Credit Hound for Sage 200 is the ideal solution.

Power BI

Having complete oversight of your business data allows you to plan accurately and efficiently for the future. When running a growing business, your data and reporting requirements need to be met and manual reporting can be time consuming and negatively impact your business productivity. Power BI from Micross Logic uses Panintelligence, a reporting and analytics dashboard that integrates with Sage 50cloud and Sage 200. With Power BI, you can get bespoke business reports that can help you make accurate and efficient business plans for the future, based on real-time trusted data collected from multiple business sources. KPI alerts can notify you when targets have been hit, while the centralised dashboard allows multiple users to access the same real-time data and live updates. With Power BI, you can have peace of mind that your real-time business reports are reliable and trustworthy.

Sage add-on solutions – the latest business management tools

Managing a business comes with many challenges, with various departments to oversee and what may feel like a never-ending list of tasks to complete, don’t let your business management processes be one of those challenges. At Micross Logic, we will work with your business to tailor Sage solutions and strive to make business management easier for you. Micross Logic will listen to your business pain points and recommend the best Sage add-on solutions for your business to improve your business efficiency and productivity.

Not sure which Sage add-on solution is right for your business? Contact us today to find out how we can help you. With add-ons designed for improved productivity as well as manufacturing and stock control, there’s a Sage add-on solution for everyone.

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