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If you’re an enthusiastic and driven individual seeking a role that offers flexibility and a positive working environment, explore our roles and join our friendly and driven team.

Why work for
Micross Logic

Ensuring our teams have a positive working environment that supports collaboration, innovation, and socialisation, is incredibly important to us, which is why we encourage teamwork not only with those in Micross Logic, but also with those in our sister companies, Amitech IT and Bit Systems Ltd.
At Micross Logic, we have a wealth of experience delivering quality business solutions and support, and understand it's the hard-work and dedication of our employees that allows us to do this so successfully.
With customers across the UK, we're looking for passionate people who can share our dedication for delivering outstanding services to the businesses we work with.


Micross Logic advocates transparency of information, with open advice and recommendation throughout. The company employs loyal people who place honesty and relationships before profit.


Micross Logic thrive on long term solutions and establishing strong relationships with both clients and colleagues. Our belief of offering support and respect throughout has resulted in our success.


Improving our knowledge and expertise is a key focus for our business. Our employees are resourceful professionals, willing to share their knowledge to deliver the right solutions.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance to allow accommodation for family and friends, making work fun, yet professional. This supportive environment is recognised throughout Micross Logic

What our team say…

5 Reasons why you will love working for Micross Logic

Making a difference

You’ll make a difference by being a valued member of a growing and successful company

Healthy work-life balance

You will be working for a company that helps support a healthy work-life balance.

Social Responsibility

You will be working for a company that actively strives to be socially responsible and have fun!

Continuous learning

You will be working for a company that advocates continuous learning.

Honesty over profit

You will be working for a company that places ethics, honesty and relationships before profit.